Mainland Scholarship Fund Tournament


When - Where - Who

Date: June 27th & 28th (Monday & Tuesday)

Times will be determined at tournament meeting.

Location: 2590 Ridge Ave (The Paved Entrance)

South Jersey's Only Tactical Lasertag Field.

Hosted by LWG Lasertag


Tournament Team Info

Tournament Style: Double Elimination

Teams: 8-Player Teams; 16 Teams

Price: $125/team (approx. $15.63/player)

Game Info & Rules

Gamemode: Domination

-2-Five Min Games (Total Points Win)

- Switch Sides after each round

-If tie, captains do Cowboy Showdown

How to play:

Obj: Secure hardpoints for more time than your opponent.

Three hardpoints are on the field.  Secure them to start your team's timer and stop your opponent's timer. 


1.) No Sprinting

2.) No Jumping over bunkers, however

there are pipes you can crawl inside.

3.)Observe the 5-Foot Rule. If you find yourself in a situation where you are less than 5 ft from an opponent please back up. This is where black eyes come from.

4.)No Blind-Firing; shooting your gun without control ex. Putting your gun above a bunker and spraying and praying while you hide behind it.

Winning Team Rewards:

-8 Free Passes for Open Play at LWG Lasertag (approx. $200 Value)

-8 Passes to fish on Duke O' Fluke

Contact Thomas Notaro (609)226-6196

Or Contact Dan Rodman (609)226-7271

to Sign Up

Rewards & Sign-Up